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These bags are great are a range of  Fun Jute shopping bags featuring a variety of designs. Pop a little present in these wonderful reusable shopping bags and you’ve got a wonderful, thoughtful gift!!!

  • The bags are bigger than you think – 31cm tall x 31cm wide with a 23cm gusset meaning they’re a really good size and they’ll take loads of your shopping!
  • They’re lined with a laminate to make them water resistant
  • The bags have padded handles for comfort when your bag is full and heavy!
  • They’re hand screen-printed with water based Azo-free dyes.
  • They’re all VEGAN FRIENDLY

The bags are made from natural, unbleached jute fibres so inherent variations in fibre colour, weave tightness and coarseness only add to their natural charm – every single bag we produce is one of a kind

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These bags are Great


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